James Pouliot

I am an American photographer with my heart and feet in Europe. My work is a mix of fashion and editorial portraiture. You can catch me running around London, Milan, and Paris creating digital content for fashion designers and social media. When Mr. Right gets down on one knee in front of the Eiffel tower, I jump out of a bush to make sure the moment is immortalised (always picking branches out of my hair). As she says “I do” I am holding back tears to get the shot.  I love being in the moment and sharing incredible experiences with fascinating people. If you haven’t seen me city hopping with my camera, maybe you’ve seen my work in The Times, Australian Vogue, L'Officiel, or numerous other international publications. When not working I run marathons or watch cat videos. 










James is so talented in so many ways. 

His photographs perfectly capture the moment - whether the most special in your life to the most ordinary - his work has an ability to romanticize anything. 
What's more, he brings out the absolute best in you. He has an uncanny ability to make you feel comfortable and beautiful. 

My husband and I planned an elopement in the South of France. We were so excited, but also recognized we would miss our family. James's warm, engaging approach helped us to feel like we were at home.  His calm demeanor also helped calm the typical wedding nerves. 

As a girl in fashion, I was quite particular about the coming together and execution of my look. Especially how it would come through in pictures.  James was beyond patient with my getting ready (I was an hour late for our intended ceremony time) and actually helped to put the finishing touches on my bridal look. He was super open to my requests and helped to identify my "good side"! He was sure to consult me and even gave helpful direction throughout the event to secure the right turn out. 

He is a fixture in our incredible elopement memories. The day would NOT have been the same without him. Not to mention, we'd be without our favorite pictures of us! 
Great price-value, professionalism, style and fun! We can't wait for another session with him soon (we hope!)



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