Booking your photographer on the French Riviera and Paris


How to book your shoot on the French Riviera or in Paris...

Step 1: Take a look through the 19 Rivoli French Riviera and Paris galleries and most importantly the ROUTES page. Your photoshoot will never be 100 percent the same but it will give you a good idea what you’re getting into;

Step 2: Make sure to read the FAQ’s and several of my handy blog posts (like this one and this one) to get the most out of your shoot on the French Riviera (or Paris) ;

Step 3: Pick your route;

Step 4: Contact me using the form below, please don’t forget to give me BOTH names if you are a couple. Try to have as much information as possible. For example: We will be in Nice between July 3 - 5th, we arrive in the afternoon on the 3rd and we leave in the afternoon on the 5th. We love the Flower Market route, especially the shots with the water behind the couple. If you are unsure of your travel dates and which city you will be staying in, then it’s too early to enquire about your shoot. It’s normal to enquire about a wedding a year in advance. It’s too early to email about a couple’s shoot a year in advance;

Step 5: After I have gotten back to you and confirmed my availability I will send you a request for a non-refundable down payment via paypal to secure your date. You do NOT need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal, any major credit/debit card will do. I try to send you a confirmation that I received your payment; 

Step 6: It’s set! If you do not hear from me within the week before your shoot, go ahead and send me a “I’m excited” email just to confirm that I haven’t died within the time since you booked (hey, live every day like it’s your last); 

Step 7: Buy yourself an outfit you look fabulous in. Girls, buy your guy a nice pair of shoes if he doesn’t already have a nice pair (boat shoes, oxford shoes, driving shoes on the Riviera work wonders). I’m serious about this step, if you don’t feel fabulous, your photos are going to reflect that. If you feel amazing, sexy, fashionable and chic, your photos will reflect that too. I made a Pinterest board with suggestions, I focused mainly on men's fashion as we are typically the ones that need help.;

Step 8: Text me, iMessage me, or WhatsApp me 48 hours before the shoot!;

Step 9: Show up for the shoot and get ready to have a fun time! Bring your energy, I will bring mine and we will create something amazing together.




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