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Over the years I have written many blog posts aimed at making your photoshoot on the French Riviera incredible! Here is a curated collection one the most helpful blog posts. Of course I recommend going over to the blog and browsing through all the posts, but if you have to only read a handful (I get it we all have busy lives) these are the ones I would recommend you don't miss!


French Riviera Honeymoon

Have you already said "I do" and now you are on your way to the French Riviera to celebrate those special days immediately after your wedding? I have helped put a guide together of the most romantic places on the French Riviera. Don't miss this one, lovebirds!  



My guide to a surprise proposal on the French Riviera 

Organising a surprise proposal can be a daunting task. It's so much more than just being in the right place at the right time. Where is the most beautiful place to propose? How do I make sure that no one else is around? How do I make sure you capture the moment? These are just a few of the questions that are asked when organising a surprise proposal. Take a look at this article HERE to get the full scoop.


The most important thing about your photoshoot on the French Riviera. 

This article was written because their is so much misconception about what makes a good photoshoot and how to achieve amazing results. It's hard to understand photographers sometimes, we are a weird bunch. Normally we approach things in a different way, which is why our photos turn out so well! So what is the most important thing about your shoot? Click HERE


The most photogenic locations on the French Riviera!

This article is to give you a good idea about locations on the French Riviera. Maybe you want to do a photoshoot at one of these places, or maybe you just want to check it out with your selfie stick (judging eyes). Either way, this is a helpful article to navigating this beautiful stretch of coastline. Click here for all the instagramable beauty.  


My favorite things to do on the French Riviera.

This article is just to get you day-dreaming about your upcoming visit to the French Riviera. Be careful if you read this however, you might get an unexpected craving for gelato! Click here


Guide to doing a couple shoot on the French Riviera.

By far my most popular photoshoot is the couple's photoshoot! This is a guide for preparing for your upcoming shoot and will hopefully help you think about a couple things to make the photoshoot phenomenal. After all, the photos last forever so why not do it right! Click here for that article. 


Beach lovers dive in! 

Visiting the French Riviera and you're dreaming of taking it easy on the sunny stretch of coastline? That's great but you should know that not all beaches on the French Riviera are created equally. Click here for my guide to beaches on the French Riviera!

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