French Riviera Photographer

  1. Paris Photographs

    Date 26 Oct 2018
    Lately I have been taking a lot of shots around Paris just for my own enjoyment. Sometimes I takes these shots before a scheduled photoshoot and other times I have been going out on photowalks just because Paris is so beautiful. Living here means that often I take the beautiful…

  2. Update from James

    Date 26 Oct 2018
    Was trying to take myself seriously a few minutes before I started to crack up. Hey everyone,  It’s been awhile since I did a personal update on my blog. My friend Krystal Kenny managed to get a couple cute snaps of me in Montmatre the other day and I really…

  3. Best of Rings - French Riviera Wedding

    Date 25 Oct 2018
    If you follow me on instagram (19Rivoli) you may have already seen the insta series I did on my favorite rings! I figured I would also do a corresponding blog post as well. Taking wedding photos on the French Riviera means that I get a lot of natural beauty and…

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