A rainy romantic surprise proposal in St. Jean Cap Ferrat

Sometimes when clients see rainy weather on the forecast I receive panicked messages. The weather is unpredictable on the French Riviera. Often, bad weather is blocked by the surrounding mountains so you always have to read the forecast with a bit of suspicion. I was really lucky this time around to have the most chill client ever. When I asked him if he was worried about the weather, he simply responded: rain sounds romantic. I loved that response and it’s so true. In fact, one of my most popular surprise proposals has been of William and McKenna years ago in Nice under rainy weather. I get a lot of emails about that proposal. Bad weather shouldn’t ruin your surprise proposal, in fact it can actually enhance it. Not only does it give you a different angle and a unique perspective on your proposal, but it also clears away busy tourist spots. I also love that special shine that rain gives to photos and cloudy weather is extremely flattering on the skin. 

Another great thing about this shoot was the fact that it was my first proposal shoot in St. Jean Cap Ferrat. Originally the client asked about Nice, but I have stopped doing surprise proposals in Nice. I decided this for a couple reasons. 1) Nice is so overcrowded with tourists and the most beautiful spots, such as Castle Hill are over-run. 2) There are a lot of incredible spots just 15 minutes outside of Nice that are much calmer and quieter. 

If you have followed my blog over the last couple years you have noticed that I do a lot of surprise proposals in Eze. That’s a great spot to propose and I’m still booking great surprise proposals there however that spot has become more and more popular as a lot of photographers have copied my ideas. Haha, shout out to those photographers because I’m sure you’re reading this and you will copy this spot in St. Jean Cap Ferrat too.

When I first arrived to the coast 8 years ago there were very few photographers doing what I’m doing. Surprise proposals on the French Riviera were definitely unheard of. Obviously I did not invent the concept. When I first started 19 Rivoli I was inspired by a lot of photographers that I saw working in Southern California. I said to myself: if this concept can work in beautiful sunny Cali, then it can work here. Inevitably, more photographers caught on as my blog post started to become more and more popular. I knew it was going to happen, but it is a surreal feeling to see other photographers copy your exact locations and underprice themselves to be competitive. For the most part, I try to avoid looking at portrait photographers in Nice and Paris, because for me it’s much smarter to look at photographers outside of your region and become inspired by their ideas while simultaneously not copying them. 

In the end, this just motivates to be more original and always look for new ways to adapt and serve my clients. 

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Enjoy the photos from this beautiful rainy romantic surprise proposal in St. Jean Cap Ferrat on the French Riviera. 

The big moment. The location: St. Jean Cap Ferrat with the Harbor of St. Jean and the beautiful mediterranean sea and mountains in the distance.

She said YES! But I mean, of course, how romantic.

Nicole has a passion for having an amazing manicure at all times. At this particular moment it really paid off.

The harbor of St. Jean is a perfect backdrop for a romantic photoshoot.

Awww… the special look of a couple in love!

The rain definitely didn’t ruin this beautiful surprise proposal on the French Riviera. In fact, I think these shots are so special. I hope the couple agrees and can enjoy the photos for a lifetime. The entire story of how he bought the ring, organize the secret of a life time and popped the question! They will have these amazing images to show their kids!

The seaside is an amazing place to take a romantic walk after getting engaged!

The ring was simply stunning. My client said he had plenty of help from her friends to make sure it was perfect. The best part: nobody cracked and gave him away!

Breathlessly romantic moments on the French Riviera.

Insanely adorable. It’s an honor to be apart of such a special moment.

Cheers and congratulations to the happy couple! A lifetime of happiness awaits!

First celebration as an engaged couple on the French Riviera.

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