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There are few places in the world that rival the beauty and the reputation of St. Tropez. Before WWII this town was just a sleepy fisherman’s village. A combination of the French New Wave in Cinema (and its gorgeously savage beauty starlette Bridgette Bardot), and the Yé-Yé style of music in the 60’s made St. Tropez a jet set destination that continues to dominate star studded tabloids. If you ask a French person about St. Tropez, they will go on nostalgically about Serge Gainsbourg, Francoise Hardy and Bridgette Bardot at Tahiti Beach. If you ask a young American today, they will most likely know St. Tropez for paparazzi photos of Jay Z and Beyonce at Club 55, the outrageously popular (and outrageously overpriced) beach club that is currently en vogue. For me, that’s exactly what makes St. Tropez so interesting. How can one tiny town on the French Riviera invoke so many different responses from so many people? There are layers to this fishing village that make it dynamic and relevant on the world resort scene. 

My favorite locations to shoot - St. Tropez Photographer

When I organize photoshoots in St. Tropez I center my photoshoots around two different locations. One photoshoot location that I love is the town of St. Tropez, which includes the market on the Place des Lices. I start by meeting my clients at the charming cafe called… well… Le Cafe, and then we take a stroll through the charming streets. Every few steps there are photogenic doors, nautical vistas and ivy and flower covered walls full of texture. This route also includes the port. Although the port is dominated by mega yachts, you can still find a few charming fishing boats. If we schedule things correctly, we end the shoot by climbing up towards the old fort of St. Tropez for some stunning sunset views over the town. 

The second location that I like to center my St. Tropez photoshoots around is the beach. Officially called La Pampelonne, this is really one of the most beautiful beaches on the French Riviera. Unlike Nice and many of the beaches on the coast, the Pampelonne boasts nice soft sand. It’s a great beach to swim in because it remains shallow for a long time before becoming deep. This allows swimmers to wade out and enjoy the views from the water. My favorite time to shoot at the beach (really the only time I will shoot), is early in the morning when the light is soft and we have the entire beach to ourselves to explore. 

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If you want to wander through the village with me, take a look at these photos from a recent photoshoot in the Village of St. Tropez. 

Before shooting I like to sit down with my clients and chit chat. I find that this instantly puts them at ease. Not everyone is so used to being photographed all the time.

Le Cafe, in St. Tropez on Place de Lices is the starting location of this fun photoshoot in St. Tropez. by St. Tropez Photgrapher James Pouliot

The essential French Breakfast in St. Tropez.

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