These clients got me DRUNK! A Romantic Seaside Photoshoot in Cannes France

Greetings from Cannes France! The ultimate location of glamour and luxury. Yachts lazily floating in pristine blue waters, shopping with jaw dropping price tags and celebrities posing for red carpet photos are just a few things this town by the sea are famous for. This season has brought me to Cannes a lot and I couldn’t be happier to shoot my beautiful clients here. Maria and Eric looked amazing during this morning shoot in Cannes. I was so happy when Maria told me she read through the blog and found my guide to doing a couples shoot useful. It’s always good to know that people are reading the blog and finding it helpful, definitely motivates me to write more. 

This is a photoshoot that I will never forget for a couple of reasons. Not only was this couple SO LOVELY, sweet, adorable… (I could go on and on). But at the end Eric popped open that bottle of champagne and we toasted to health wealth, happiness, love and many adventures! Drunk at 10am with my clients!? THE LIFE!!! lol 

I loved talking to Maria and Eric after our photoshoot, my clients are so kick ass because they are all people that take the leap and prioritize travel. I wanted to do something special for this blog post so I asked Maria and Eric if they would be willing to answer a couple questions about their trip. Their words are WAY more precious that my own advice because they really have the unique perspective that many people can relate to. So if you want to know more about traveling to Cannes and the French Riviera look no further. Thanks Maria and Eric for the champagne and the great insight from your trip. 

1. Why did you decide to travel to the French Riviera and why specifically Cannes?

- We decided to travel to the French Riviera because we have seen glimpses of it on social media and in movies. Being a one-hour flight from Paris, it is a very easy place to travel to. We specifically chose Cannes because it has both the small town and city feel. It has a train system, making it easy to travel to neighboring cities. In addition, Cannes has soft sandy beaches as opposed to Nice, which has pebble stone beaches.

2. Was Cannes what you expected it to be? If not, how was it different? 

Cannes was better than our expectations! It has the luxury glamour appeal on the Croisette, as well an old small town feel with Le Sequet. You can stroll the beach front, having a cocktail at one of the many restaurants, or window shop at some of the most luxuries boutiques. You can also spend hours wondering the small shops and cafes in winding cobble streets. Cannes is a perfect combination of both. 

3. What advice would you give people traveling to the French Riviera?

Plan to stay several days. Unfortunately, we only had three days and were only able to visit Cannes and Monaco. The French Riviera is rich with culture and adventure, so take your time exploring, and don’t rush through. Most cities are accessible by train, however certain towns, like St. Tropez, are not, so renting a car might be a good option if you want to explore.

Be respectful and learn some French words for hello, good day/evening, and thank you. Even though most people speak English in the French Riviera, there were some cafes/shops where the owners did not speak English.

4. Why did you decide to do a photoshoot on your trip?

We decided to do a photoshoot on our trip to help capture the beautiful memories. Traveling as a couple, you’re constantly asking random people to take photos of you. if you get lucky, you have a few good shots. Taking the time to do a photoshoot, you know you are going to have beautiful memories from your trip.

5. How did you prepare for your photoshoot to make it amazing?

To prepare for the photo shoot, we looked at the different routes available and which one connected most with us. We wanted intimate, romantic photos, but also wanted to incorporate the luxury and glamour of the French Riviera. Once we picked our location, we picked outfits that worked well with the theme. Given that we were taking pictures on the beach, I wanted a dress that flowed and moved easily. We went with colors that were bright and colorful. Some advice, coordinate your outfits to make sure that they do not clash. The day before our photoshoot, we rested, and get plenty of hydration, to look refreshed for the day of the shoot.

6. Did you discover any special restaurants or spots (cocktails lounge, bars, ice cream shops) that you think are MUST do’s for people visiting Cannes. 

there are plenty of lounges, bars, cafes in Cannes.

There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, lounges to visit in Cannes. Some of our favorites were the Armani Café (luxurious coffee shop), Astoux et Brun (fresh delicious sea food), Le Jardin Secret, Le Marais, Le Forville (best brunch). Also walking down the Croisette there are plenty of bars and restaurants, all which a magnificent view. We rented a day bed at the Plage du Majestic, it had delicious food and drinks.

Also, Le Suquet has a daily market selling fresh fish, meat, paella, flowers, everything your heart desires.

7. Why is travel important to you? 

There is a quote I recently saw, that sums up the feeling perfectly.

“We travel because we need to, because distance and difference are the secret tonic of creativity. When we get home, home is still the same. But something in our mind has changed, and that changes everything.”

Travel exposes you to different cultures, ideas, adventures. It pushes you out of your comfort zone, and helps you grow as a person. Traveling as a couple has made our marriage grow deeper and stronger.

Thank you again to Maria and Eric for taking the time to answer these questions I’m sure there are many more people out there traveling to the French Riviera that will find this insight useful. 

Additional photoshoot notes: 

Route: Cannes Croisette

Similar shoot: Cannes Croisette Carlton Hotel 

The beach in Cannes is a perfect place for a photoshoot

The world famous Carlton Hotel.

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