Best of Rings - French Riviera Wedding

If you follow me on instagram (19Rivoli) you may have already seen the insta series I did on my favorite rings! I figured I would also do a corresponding blog post as well. Taking wedding photos on the French Riviera means that I get a lot of natural beauty and landscapes. I like to use the colors, textures, flora and fauna of the Riviera to set up these beautiful ring shots. 

Obviously a wedding on the French Riviera is not just about the ring; it’s about the twinkle in her eye, not the sparkle on her finger. With that said, your wedding ring is probably going to be the single most cherished item you own. Here are a few tips and trick on how to pick out a wedding ring. Then, enjoy the photos. These rings are as diverse as the brides and grooms that I photograph. 

- Take some times and look around. Pinterest and other search sites are perfect for browsing. It’s like interior design. You see one thing you like and you decide on it, but then you see another thing and say, “oh no, I prefer that”. Take your time and look through all the styles before narrowing down on a particular type. 

- Make it about you, not about your neighbor. One of the things that disappoints me the most in weddings is the lack of variety. I don’t understand when a woman who is the world recorder holder for the half marathon decides to wear stilettos for her wedding. In my opinion, the perfect twist is to hide your running shoes under your dress for a perfect nod to your accomplishment. Same thing goes for wedding rings, make them unique to you.

- Follow the advice of a trusted jeweler. This goes for every aspect of your wedding. Your wedding venue will know the best way to seat your guest, your photographer will know where the best light is, and your jeweler will have an expertise that you haven’t even considered before. Trust your experts for the best results. 

- Get the size right. My worst nightmare came true during a surprise proposal once when her engagement ring fell off and sunk to the bottom of the port in Villefranche-sur-Mer. This really happened people! Luckily for the couple, I actually dived in and got the ring from the bottom of the sea bed! 

A couple popular choices I see often are the Cartier Love bands. 

A very lovely ring for a very lovely client!

As you can see, I love an orchid/ring combination.

Sometimes the best background is a simple neutral one with beautiful texture. In this case, a textured concrete compliments the cool tones of this colored diamond and antique family heirloom.

This client from Mexico has actually worked as a ring/jewelry model, how perfect!

By far the most popular box I see on a wedding day is this red box from Cartier.

I really love an orchid shot! The rose gold of these bands looks striking against this pink color.

Now there’s an extra effort! The groom surprised the bride with a bracelet during the ceremony!

Love these soft colors at sunset.

Yep, I’m really all about these roses!

Who could say no to a rock like that? It helps that the groom is so cute too!

The classic Cartier love bands make a bold statement.

This Harry Winston stunner was presented during a surprise proposal on the French Riviera. Talk to me Harry Winston tell me all about it!

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