Cannes Photographer - Family Session

Summer time has arrived on the French Riviera and the season is in full bloom here. There is such an amazing energy around the coast this time of year and I am loving every day. Jumping in the sea, eating fresh salads and of course grabbing my camera and meeting amazing clients. 

The other evening I got to meet a really lovely American family vacationing in Cannes. What an amazing way to remember your family vacation by doing a photoshoot on the French Riviera. Not only do you get your yearly family photos taken, but you also get to remember a very special time and place in your life with the people you love. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Cannes is also a great choice for a photoshoot; I did an entire blog post about photoshoots in Cannes that you can find HERE. Even though I have shot at this location a couple times, you always discover something new on every photoshoot. There were several spots on this shoot that I have never taken a photo at. Every day you look at things with a different eye. My artistic vision is constantly changing so something that I walk by one day and fail to notice, suddenly becomes beautiful the next time I see it. That’s the case with the first couple photos in this set. I walked by this small alley way several times without noticing this door. Now when I look at it, it reminds me of a film set for a movie like Casablanca. Funny how our perception is always changing. 

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