Fashionable Friends - Monaco Photographer

Monaco is home to the rich and famous and FASHIONABLE! I have been shooting Maja regularly for her popular instagram page filled with fashion and Monaco lifestyle. On this particularly sunny day in Monaco she invited her friend to shoot with her. It’s so much fun to shoot people that care so much about fashion and lifestyle. Not only does Maja wear major name brand labels like Balenciaga and Yves St. Laurent, but she also love smaller, lesser known brands, especially from her home country Poland. 

It’s becoming more and more common for people to do fashion shoots. Today, with the growing popularity of Instagram anyone can curate and express their creative side through fashion and photography. Instagram pages have turned into veritable portfolios and in the fashion industry you can get work using your instagram as your virtual cover image. After all, it says a lot more about you than some generic cover letter. 

Monaco is well known for being a luxury hotspot. With super yachts and luxury boutiques it has the kind of lifestyle found only in very select places on Earth. Being a photographer in Monaco you have to understand the visual aesthetic and what attracts people to this tiny principality in the first place. It’s important to show the blue skies and endless horizon as that is what attracts people to Monaco in the first place. It’s also very different doing a photoshoot in Monaco compared to Paris for example. In Paris, there are typically clouds and even lighting. In Monaco I have to be prepared to work around the sun. The full sun is actually a challenge and can be limiting during your shoot. I talk about lighting in this blog post. 

More about Maja at her website.

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