Hello friends! 

I just got back from a few amazing days in Barcelona. The level of inspiration that I am talking about is epic. The Pacific ocean would not be able to hold all the good vibes that I took away from the experience. 
OK, why was I in Barcelona?

As I have already mentioned, I am represented by a company based in Canada called Flytographer. It’s a pretty bad ass company that connects lovely travelers up with a photographer. It could be a family, a couple, a blogger, a hen party… anything really. Anyways, I am in a pretty passionate love affair with Flytographer at the moment as they are introducing me to amazing clients and I am having the time of my life shooting for them. 
Each year, Flytographer organizes a meet-up for the photographers to meet each other and interact with the corporate office that is working so hard to connect us with the clients. This year Barcelona was the chosen destination based off of its awesomeness. 

In the end there were around 25 photographers that showed up and about half the working office. The combination of this many people was electric. Seriously, all of these photographers are stunning, amazing, talented, awesome people. Honestly, I am not a group person. I don’t like being in crowds larger than 5 people because I start to feel exhausted from group dynamics (where do we eat, who organizes, etc. etc. etc.). I am not joking. I hate groups.

This group of people though. OMG, was so different. This group of people were on another level of human consciousness. I immediately melted into butter upon meeting everyone. The energy was out of this world. EVERYONE. Literally, EVERYONE was so tapped into being kind, courteous and lovely. Everyone in this group was thinking about everyone else before themselves. There was a lot of giving: giving of affection, kindness, advice, love, support. I felt so tapped into the flow of this energy!

Then there was the lovely people in the office that are working very hard everyday to make sure the Flytographer experience moves smoothly. What a great team of people! Everything was organized seamlessly with so much attention to making sure we were having a good time. We are seriously spoiled. As artists, we can sometimes be like big children, demanding a lot of space to create. Luckily, there are amazing people out there that give us the space to create. Allowing us to follow our own rules and get our hands dirty in the creative process. 
I took so much from this experience. A lot of practical business know-how along with some new inspirational techniques on client relations and photo taking. 

What I really took away from the experience was the support of this amazing group. I realized that just being myself is my biggest asset as a photographer, artist, and person. Sometimes living in France I feel very isolated and alone. Even with my amazing husband I often feel like my “rationale” and my way of seeing the world is often overlooked as being superfluous or “fluffy”. I often feel like people just don’t get me. With this group of people, we were finishing each other’s sentences!! We were sharing thoughts! I mean, it was crazy to find out that I am not crazy after all! All of us have this desire to connect with people and create a world that is more beautiful than the day before. Feels so good to know these people!  

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