French Riviera Elopement - Chateau de la Chevre d’Or

The Chateau de la Chevre d’Or is one of my favorite places to photograph on the French Riviera. You will definitely recognize the venue from this blog post that I did here. There is something so magical about the gardens and the way that the hotel sits on the edge of a cliff that goes crashing into the Mediterranean Sea. I think I say that in every blog post I write about this venue, but whatever, it’s how I feel! ;-) 

More and more couples are choosing to do an elopement oversees and skip the grand festivities with 3000 friends. It makes perfect sense because you get to spend more time enjoying the day with your partner. In many cases, when I speak to couples here on the French Riviera, the choose to do a small intimate trip to France to create a beautiful memory, and then they go home and do a reception with friends. The focus back home is on the fun and the trip to France is focused on intimacy. I love that idea. In fact, when I got married, we opted for a small reception with a few friends. I wouldn’t change a thing. I think it’s important to breath on your big day. Well meaning extended friends and family can often put more pressure on the couple. A few small remarks from several guest “oh, I would haven’t done it like that” and “oh, are you wearing those shoes” can really sour the atmosphere. In the end, it’s your special day so you choose how you should spend it. Maybe you feel like you have to please everyone. Trust me, if you are going into your marriage with that mentality, what is left over for you? 

Those are just my thoughts, it’s up for everyone to decide for themselves and be true to their heart. 

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Here are a couple practical tips to help you along in your elopement.

Tip 1: Choose a stunning venue with a lot of activity near. Of course, I am biased to the French Riviera and the Chevre d’Or, but their are other locations that I would recommend: Tuscany, Amalfi Coast or even a nature adventure in Iceland would be a great option.

Tip 2: DO hire a professional musician. At the Chevre d’Or I really think a harp is an appropriate and beautiful decision. 

Tip 3: Take the time to write something meaningful. I think it’s even MORE beautiful and MORE special when couples take the time to write out something sweet to each other. It feels less like a performance when there is no one around and we don’t have that many occasions in life to say these things out loud. I mean, if you are giving your partner a speech every morning about the reasons you love them, then keep on that path and you can skip the vows! 

Tip 4: Do relax! There is no rule that says you should be stressed out on the big day or that you can’t spend a few minutes relaxing by the pool. One of my favorite memories of my wedding day is when I was jumping in the pool pre-wedding celebrations. Why not!? 

One thing I love about the Chevre d’Or is that the gardens are constantly evolving and changing throughout the year. Here, a pomegranate is bursting

Beautiful flower by Mara

I love these old fashioned details. This wedding celebrant had a gorgeous old leather book.

The harpist was simply perfect for the occasion.

That moment when she walks around the corner! Always love that!

I love this statue looking down at a single rose.

Fun details add a light touch to a serious moment!

The “Harpers Bazaar” shot!

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