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French Riviera Honeymoon. Explore the beautiful French Riviera with the one you love!

This one is for all the love birds out there! Want to know how to spend your honeymoon on the French Riviera? I know all the most romantic spots on the French Riviera and I am happy to share them with you! The French Riviera can be done on a budget, but this list is mostly a list of the “best of the best” so a lot of the options are quite pricey. If the lists are above your price range, I would recommend picking a few high-lights. Also, think about what is important to you as a couple. If you are a couple that appreciates food, definitely splurge on an amazing meal but stay under budget on your hotel. 

Most Romantic restaurants for your French Riviera Honeymoon:

  • Comptoire du Marché: charming local cuisine snuggled into the old town of Nice. It’s hard to resist their dessert, but if you manage, take the time to walk through the old town at night at get an amazing gelato on Place Rosetti. 
  • Auberge du Jerome: an authentic provencal styled restaurant perched up in La Turbie above Monaco. It’s a Michelin star restaurant without Michelin stare snobbery: just great food. 
  • La Mere Germaine: a classic Southern French restaurant located in Villefranche-sur-Mer. This restaurant literally has its feet in the water. It’s hopelessly romantic to sip on a glass of champagne as the sunsets and brushes the town with beautiful hues of pink and orange. 
  • La Petite Maison: The original Petite Maison that has been copied around the world. This jet set restaurant is not really cozy and quiet once the music gets started, but if you want a moment of entertainment I would definitely recommend checking it out. 
  • La Colombe d’Or (Check out this gallery for the local ambiance). The Colombe door is a local classic. Celebrity guest lazily eat on the beautifully shaded terrace and explore the hotel’s rooms that include amazing artworks by Matisse and Picasso. For the art lover, for the food lover, for the lovers! 
  • Paloma Beach for dinner: I would suggest going here at night for a romantic dinner for two. I know you call ahead and tell them you are celebrating your anniversary (and if you are willing to pay), they will set up a special table at the end of their small dock so you can have a little more privacy (perfect for whispering sweet nothings in your new husband/wifes ear).

Most Romantic view for your French Riviera Honeymoon:

  • The View from Villefranche-Sur-Mer: There is a picturesque spot along the coastal road where you can get an amazing shot of this small fishing village perched on the cliffs of the alpes foothills. If you don’t have a car, I know an footpath that will get you to this spot, but you and your partner have to be a little athletic to brave it in the heat. You could always just settle on a cold glass of rosé at the bottom of the hill. It’s vacation after all!
  • The Bay of Cannes (preferably by boat): I love the Bay of Cannes at sunset, especially when in a boat! However, it’s also beautiful by land. Find yourself a seat along the Croisette and watch the rich and famous float by with their shopping bags filled with expensive clothes while mother nature puts on a spectacular sunset. 
  • The Casino in Monte-Carlo at night
  • The view from the Chevre d’Or
  • The view from the Rock in Monaco

Another great place to catch a beautiful golden sunset is on the Colline du Chateau (or Castle Hill) located in Nice at the end of the Promenade des Anglais. A perfect moment for your honeymoon on the French Riviera

Most Romantic hotels for your French Riviera Honeymoon:

Not going to lie, the hotels on this list are not cheap. It’s ok, for the newlyweds on a budget I’m still including all of these hotels because even if you have to stay at slightly more modest accommodations, I would recommend popping into one or two of these hotels during your visit to the French Riviera to grab a glass of wine before heading to dinner. It’s a great way to soak up that ritzy atmosphere without breaking the bank. 

  • Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo: for that classic Monaco experience. When your man wants to feel like James Bond, and you’ve always thought you would make a good bond girl. 
  • Hotel de Suisse in Nice: A charming sea-side hotel on the far end of the Promenade in Nice. The hotel still has authentic charm.
  • La Chevre d’Or: an eccentric and fantasy filled hotel in the stone village of Eze. You will really feel like you have entered the pages of a fairytale. 
  • Grand Hotel de Cap Ferrat, Four Seasons: for that classic old world romance a la francaise. This grand old hotel has laid back grandeur down to perfection. The giant pool next to the seaside is the perfect place to perch for an entire day (or week).

Most Romantic walks on the beach for your French Riviera Honeymoon:

  • The Pampelonne St Tropez: this mouthy names is the white sand strip of Paradise just outside of St. Tropez that is literally a paradise. I like early morning photoshoots here. For an example check out this gallery
  • La Croisette in Cannes: If you like glitz, glam, luxury and shopping this is the romantic walk along the beach for you! Check out the ambiance in this gallery.
  • The port in Villefranche-sur-Mer: probably one of my favorite beaches in the French Riviera and favorite places to walk along the sea. This charming seaside town is like a storybook and is best explored in the early morning before the crowds. Check out this gallery to get an idea of the atmosphere. 
  • Along St. Jean Cap Ferrat: there is a beautiful winding path that runs the entire length of the peninsula. You’ll explore small grottos and little lagoons of beautiful blue water along the path. Bring your bathing suit, you might want to jump in! 

The charming town of Eze is a romantic spot to explore. Don’t forget to go to La Chevre D’or for a sunset champagne on their amazing terrace.

The French Riviera is a perfect place to celebrate love. The colors are lively and bright and the air has a romantic quality.

Honeymoon stroll along the sea in Villefranche-sur-Mer

Flowers in bloom and love in the air during this honeymoon on the French Riviera.

Young and in love. Running along the beach in Villefranche-sur-Mer.

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