Couple shoot at Hotel du Cap Eden Roc

The other day I spent a beautiful afternoon at the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc with lovely clients who are about to tie the knot in the South of France. This hotel is a must visit if you are taking a trip to the South. Its classical Napolean III architecture is really breathtaking and is reminiscent of some long forgotten golden age where men smoked cigars in a mahogany lined parlors and women swept across green lawns wearing lace dresses and protecting themselves from the sun with parasols. Very Titanic. 

There is actually an interesting bit of photographic history at the hotel. The incredible pool area, which is carved into the cliff side, was immortalized by the famous photographer Aaron Slims. Slims is famous for photographing jet setters, celebs and the social upper crust in paradisiac settings.

Dior also shot a clip for Miss Dior staring Natalie Portman a few years ago. Check it out here.

It’s great to be amongst such good company. 

It’s still a hot spot for celebrities. You shouldn’t be surprised to see Madonna at the pool or tabloid staples (Nicole Richie for example). In any case, the real celebrities that day were my clients. I love the fact that they did this pre-wedding shoot. You could also call a pre-wedding shoot a pre-chaos shoot. Honestly, this shoot was so relaxed and chill, I loved it. A lush green garden surrounding the chateau and the beautiful blue mediterranean waters. Life is not so bad after all on the French Riviera. 

There are two different restaurants at the hotel. A gastronomique restaurant, that is very “oh-la-la”.  I ate there once, it was so Great Gatsby. Gatsbynomique? The other restaurant on the lower floor is “The Grill” and is where most of the action is happening. I would recommend reserving at this lower part. Even though it is not “gastronomique” don’t expect it to be “economique” because a burger is still going to set you back 40 euros. But it’s a small price to pay for sitting next to Kendall Jenner, right? I ate here a few times and I can tell you, the club sandwhich made me feel super glamourous. 

Check please. 

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