A simply amazing French Riviera engagement photography session at the stunning Chateau Eza and Chateau de la Chevre d’Or in Èze France. 

I was contacted a few weeks ago from this groom to be who wanted to propose to his stunning girlfriend. I love to plan engagement proposals so of course I said yes. A lot of men are nervous when popping the question in another country or a place that they are unfamiliar with: will the setting be right? What will the mood be? Will there be too many people around? What if something goes wrong? What if we can’t get there? You get the picture. Traveling is hard enough and traveling with a nervous energy is even more difficult. That is where I come in! When I get contacted for a proposal session I know that I am being contacted for much more than just photography. There is so much more to think about in terms of organization. I want to make sure that the setting is perfect, that there wont be TOO many tourist around and that everything will go smoothly. Of course the number one thing that people ask when I tell them about this service is: do you hide in a bush? The answer is no, normally I just blend into the setting. I mean, is it really unusual for someone to be carrying a camera around the French Riviera? Non. This particular shoot was a little challenging because they were on a private terrace so it was harder to blend in. In the end, I sat in a room next door where I could see them. 

I was so nervous for this session. Engagement photography sessions are not something you want to do wrong. I am ALWAYS nervous before proposal sessions but this one in particular made me nervous. I think it was something about doing it in such a private setting. I was nervous that the hotel staff would bring them to the wrong spot, I was nervous that they would see me and she would know what was happening. I was nervous about so many small details that when they arrived I was basically shaking and sweating! I wasn’t even the one proposing, imagine how he must have felt!! 

In the end, everything went perfectly and I couldn’t have been happier to meet this lovely couple and hear all about their love for each other and the amazing plans that they have for their future. I was especially excited during this shoot to photograph them at this particular time of day. I love to shoot in the late evening when the sun is setting and the colors are amazing. There is something about these photos that are so “enchanted garden” to me. 

An extra special thank you goes out to Chateau Eza and Chevre d’Or for accommodating us and helping make this dream proposal come true on the French Riviera

Will she say yes… continue to find out!!

That’s a YES!

This engagement session on the French Riviera blew my mind away! I mean, just look at that beautiful couple and the view!!

Such a beautiful, soft moment!

He whispered in her ear “There is a photographer here” and she replied “I know, I can hear him” lol… so cute!

This is the view from the gorgeous Chateau Eza in Eze France!

I love this majestic shot of them looking over the mediterranean.

The view of Eze-sur-Mer from the mountain village Eze

She is just glowing!

Congratulations to the lovely couple!

Gasp!! A breathtaking view of the French Riviera from Le Chateau de la Chevre d’Or

I love these photographs!

An enchanted garden!

I love this one of them snuggling up close!

Just like a fairy tale.

Getting lost among the jasmine

Lovely light illuminating this couple! Just look at the love in her eyes!! =)

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