You know what is amazing. How much administrative work and odd things that you never imagined that come with starting your own ventures.

I am a photographer, so obviously I am artistic and like to spend my days photographing, being inspired, sketching, drawing, doodling, listening to music etc.

Lately, I have found myself far from this utopia.

HTML? Sounds like a BLT with ham and mayo

Nope…. its my worst nightmare.

PDFs… you don’t know how long it took me to figure out how to turn photoshop documents into PDFs… honestly!

Marketing and Advertising. I cant tell you how much work goes into researching and analyzing where to spend my money! Before I just spend my dinero on new jeans!

Sounds like I am complaining but … au contraire mes amis.

Its all art, just in a different form. The art of the entrepreneur.

In addition this is what it takes to support my body of work. What is the point of taking beautiful pictures if I cant share them with the world? Even if the world doesn’t realize it, the world NEEDS this beauty. I mean… have you read the news lately? Downerrrrrr…. I mean, I am not taking any importance away from the bad in the world. However, without the good and beautiful we would have nothing to aspire to.

I have been talking to my much neglected American amigos lately. It has been so nice to hear them tell me that they really love looking at my photos while they work. Inspires them to daydream.

Daydream? I mean… I have built my life around daydreams… dream on!! I love that!

Speaking of dreams. This photo shoot that I did with Claire was a major dream. We had two majorly different types of light. In the morning it was overcast and we had this soft creamyness to the surroundings. The second part of the day, right before sunset the sun came out. Both conditions were great but produced much different results. The morning we had very ethereal dreamy photos and in the afternoon we had stronger colors and more boldness.

We shot this in Villefranche-sur-Mer , a tiny seaside village in the South of France that is a natural harbor. It is probably my favorite town along the coast. The beach is gorgeous and this time of year there are no tourists, just fisherman in crumbling boats bringing a meager but proud helpings of fresh fish. This pastel pink village hangs off a sloping mountain and in the summer elegant men and women sit at a very famous restaurant where you dine on the edge of water. You can see the little fish in the clear water while you eat plates of Southern French Seafood specialties. Bouillabaisse anyone?

Anyways, back to reality.

Have you seen the video that we shot while shooting this shoot. Shot while shooting this shoot? Does that make sense?

Anyways the video is here! Like it on vimeo!!

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