I interviewed Sara so that I could bring you some practical information on this romantic elopement and maybe help inspire you. I figured instead of me explaining the big day, it would be better if she explained her big day. If you want to see more photos from Eze check out this other blog post I did from Eze. 

1. What was the inspiration behind your dress? Choosing my look for this, the most special event in my life to date, was super fun, but admittedly TOUGH. Especially after being exposed to so much over the course of my 11+ years in the fashion industry (with time spent in bridal). I knew I wanted a more editorial, ethereal look that twisted vintage deco with modern touches. Specific, for sure… so after searching and not finding anything, I looked within and decided to design my own! I worked with lace from Oscar de la Renta and chiffons from J.Mendel to create the look. Punctuated with my great-grandmothers pearls…et voilà!

2. Why did you choose to tie the knot at the Chevre d’Or? It is arguably one of the most beautiful, majestic places in the world with food to match. My husband and I chase special destinations worldwide and are self-proclaimed foodies, so it felt like a no-brainer. Truly, what sealed the deal though, was how incredibly sharp, attentive and supportive the staff were. Shout out to Ecaterina and Florence! 

3. What do you like about the French Riviera? It’s effortless elegance. Everything is manicured to perfection or protected if naturally beautiful. The colors, the smells of flora, fauna, water, and - of course - the allure of the French landscape (and people!) is irresistible! 

4. Why did you decide on a small intimate ceremony in France? We knew we didn’t want a big show, but instead wanted to focus on simply committing to one another. Weddings in America have become circus-like and we hoped to be free of mayhem. Travel is so important in our relationship. In fact, one of our first experiences together (before we were even a couple) was a trip from Milan to Lake Como. Nick has always had a fascination with anything French, even studying the language in college. I’m lucky to spend 2 months of the year in France for work as well. So, when we dreamed up our perfect day an elopement in France seemed obvious. 

5. What do you think is the most important thing to remember when planning a wedding? Steal away moments from the planning chaos to acknowledge what you’re working towards…starting a new chapter in your life together because you love each other. ALSO, appreciate the fact that the person you’ve chosen to marry comes with their own vision and quirks. Remember to respect one another during the inevitable pain points of bringing two visions together for the most important event to date.

6. Did you have your wedding day imagined in your head from a young age? If so, was it what you imagined? If not, how was it different? No! Honestly, I never played “bride” as a kid or thought about anything of the sort. I wasn’t in a rush to grow up and get married. I love that it all happened organically without the pressure of fulfilling a childhood dream.

7. Any advice for couples thinking about getting married on the French Riviera? Let the natural. lush surroundings be your backdrop, that’s the point, right? Give yourself a break from putting together the “expected” decorative scheme. Be sure you’re working with a team that understands who you are as a couple and that supportively caters to your needs. Responsiveness is everything and if you’re expectations aren’t met from the beginning, continue your search for the right venue or vendors. Especially if you’re American!

8. How important do you think photography/hiring a photographer is when getting married? THE MOST! Capturing the moments, both intimate and public, is everything. Also, the right photographer helps to enhance your special day even more. James, for example, kept us laughing and inspired and in touch with the fact that, holy sh*t, we just got married! Also, photographers inevitably become the day-of therapists, ensuring the couple, the family, etc. that they are as beautiful as they feel! Thanks, James!

9. Now you are married. What next? ;-) Perhaps we did it all over again next summer???? OK fine, since that’s not going to happen…we look forward to working hard and playing hard; continuing to travel and eat and enjoy this new chapter in our life. 

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