Introducing Apotcare

I’m excited to announce my new work with an incredible brand:, the Modern French Apothecary. I told you in my new years post that I had a lot of exciting projects coming up this year and this is one of them. I approached the brand’s CEO several months ago because the products really spoke to me. They are all natural, low chemical, low fragrance and highly concentrated. This means more of the good stuff that actually works, and less of the bad stuff. Seems like common sense in a world that has a higher and higher emphasis on products that are environmentally friendly. 

In addition to the product being quality, I loved the packaging and branding. As an aesthetic person, this is obviously important for me. It shows me that the company cares about the way their products look and that they value branding. At the moment I am focusing my efforts on their newly repackaged/branded Pure Serums. The serums are a great concept because each one focuses on one active ingredient. After taking their online test they recommend a composition of three active ingredients. Did you know that in your normal cosmetic products active ingredients often react to one another changing their effects or chemical composition? This causes their intended effects to be neutralized. By keeping the elements separate until application you can reduce this effect. 

So, what exactly will I be doing with I am excited to be taking control of their social media management and doing lifestyle-based content creation for them. Basically, in today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever for companies to have a beautiful digital face. The pressure of “keeping up with the Jones” on instagram and Facebook is real. The bright side to social media is that it gives everyone a level playing field to be discovered in a fresh contemporary way, the downside is that you have to compete to stay above your competition. This is where I come in. 

The added advantage of me being a social media manager and content creator is that most social media managers direct and organize the content, most do not CREATE the content. That’s where I am different. Not only can I organize and direct, but I am also coming up with unique concepts and creating the content myself. I’m really excited about this venture. Join me on their instagram as I take the helm. 

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