June/July update from the French Riviera

haha, hello there from the French Riviera!

This summer season has gotten off to such a good start, I have been loving my shoots so far. The energy is through the roof and I want to thank all the amazing clients that have been trusting me to capture their trips to the French Riviera. A couple things strike me as being different this season compared to my past seasons. First of all, I’m shooting a lot more family trips. Secondly, I’m shooting a lot in Cannes, which hasn’t been the case in other summers. Also, the last thing that I have noticed is that my clients are bringing their A games and they all look amazing, dressing to perfection. Several of my clients have been referencing my blog post where I talk about how to dress for photoshoots. As a matter of fact, it amazing me how many clients talk about my blog and have read every word of the blog. I have to say, it’s super motivating and I’m really happy that everyone is finding the information useful. When I first started to do regular blog posts, I literally felt that I was talking to myself. Lately, the weather has been extremely hot as we dealt with an extreme heat way in France over the past couple weeks. I can say this, when it comes to extreme heat, another tip that I can give the guys out there is to bring an extra t-shirt that you can change in/out of to avoid sweat marks. 

I have a new series of blog posts coming out that I’m really excited to share with everyone because they are going to come from some guest stars on the blog. So you wont have to listen to me ramble on anymore, you will get some great insights from the French Riviera from some fresh eyes. Look for that soon. Also the video blog series is still in the works, I have a third one coming out soon and if you didn’t catch the second one you can find it here

Personally, I’m feeling slightly exhausted but also exhilarated. Being a freelance photographer is an amazing job. Lately it has been sucking up every bit of my energy but it’s a labor of love. Hot weather has also meant early rise times and very little sleep. As my clients are normally travelers, I get a lot of tell me how they want to take their jobs on the road and live a more freelance lifestyle. I was recently having one of my amazing after shoot conversations with one of my clients. I said one of my only regrets is that I paid so much for my university education. I said “I just wish someone had told me there is more than one way to do life” (as if I have ever taken a conventional road, lol)… he said someone profound “well, now you can be that person to someone else” … whoa. If you want to hear more about the ups and downs of being a Freelance photographer I have that blog post here. 

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