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Cannes Photographer - My favorite locations in Cannes

When you think of pure luxury and luxurious destinations a few names hit the spot: Beverly Hills, St. Barts, and of course Cannes. There is something about this small city by the sea that has had the jet set hooked for several decades now. Maybe it is the Bay of Cannes with its beautiful sunsets and turquoise waters. Perhaps it’s the Cannes Film Festival that attracts A list movie stars and the world’s most beautiful models. Shopping at the most expensive boutiques along the beach might also be why the world’s elite choose to touch down here. In any case, it’s not hard to deny that Cannes has its fair share of that “je ne sais quoi”. However, there is more than meets the eye here in Cannes. I like to shoot both the luxurious and the authentic side of this sun drenched strip of coast.

When I first moved to the French Riviera, I was actually originally planning on moving to Cannes. It was a last minute decision to base myself in Nice (a decision that changed the course of my life). Luckily, I am doing photoshoots often in Cannes so I get to take advantage of the cities glamour on at least a weekly basis so I still feel really connected to this city. Most of my photoshoots in Cannes are centered on two locations Le Suquet and the Croisette. 

Le Suquet

this is the “old town” of Cannes. Along the coast, many of the towns originated on top of large rock formations next to the Mediterranean Sea (Monaco is the same). These large rock formations were the perfect spot to build a fort that could protect you from enemy invaders. Today the Suquet is a charming neighborhood of Cannes. An the only thing it needs to protect itself from is the commercialization and gentrification that so often wrecks havoc in popular destinations.  This is where I shoot when I want that authentic touch. Small building here in the Italian and mediterranean style are painted in hues of pink and orange. I love the winding streets that snake up the hill to the stone church on top with its bell tower; it’s a perfect backdrop for a family photoshoot such as the one I did last summer with this cute family (See slideshow below)! I am often shooting people coming off of Mediterranean cruises for the day. It’s a perfect activity to see some of the town and to get the a long lasting souvenir. 

Here is another adorable photoshoot from Le Suquet with an adorable couple from Michigan (like me!!) that jumped off their cruise ship and into my world! 

La Croisette in Cannes: 

this is the name for the main boulevard in Cannes that lines the Bay of Cannes. This street is basically the Rodeo drive of France with boutiques such as Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and many more. It’s a palm tree lined street with people slowly walking by eating ice cream from one of the many vendors. Five star hotel Palaces dot the Croisette. The most famous of course being the Carlton. Famous celebrities such as Sophia Loren and Liz Taylor have been photographed here hanging out of the balconies and sipping cocktails in the glitzy bar. Last summer I did a glamorous photoshoot at the Carlton and along the Croisette with Qatari born celebrity and middle eastern fashion icon, Abdulla Al-Abdulla. Check out the gallery if you want to know how the other half live! 

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