Getting Married in Monaco - Monaco civil ceremony.

This one is from the archives. A civil ceremony that I photographed in Monaco from last summer. I’m always shooting so much in the summer that I never have time to share the photos afterwards. It’s beautiful to look back at this intimate ceremony in the town hall of Monaco. Have you ever been to a wedding there? It’s extremely charming. The room that the marriage ceremony takes place is seriously charming. Beautiful woodwork and and ornate detailing make it a perfect place to tie the knot. The town hall is located on the Rock in Monaco. Also known as Le Rocher. There are some beautiful gardens overlooking the mediterranean making it one of my favorite spots to shoot in. There is something hopelessly romantic about a wedding that takes place on a rock jetting out into the mediterranean sea. 

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Getting married in Monaco. I love this beautiful detail: a portrait of Prince Albert.

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