Summer is here and things are heating up on the French Riviera. The proof? Just look at these photos that I took with model Jonathan at Plage Mala in Cap d’Ail on the French Riviera. Loved doing this work for Jonathan’s book. It’s great to push your limits and I felt like both Jonathan and I did just that on this shoot. When working with models, a big part of the job is getting into the head of the person to see what you can accomplish with them. You have to understand their comfort zones and where you will be able to push them out of those comfort zones. If you ask for too much too quickly, you can easily make someone uncomfortable and they close up. On the other hand, sometimes if you push them off the ledge, they quickly learn to swim and feel more comfortable after they see their early accomplishment. In a matter of minutes you have to decide which tactic you are going to take based off a few minutes and a little intuition. I love that part of the job and I really feel like my psychology degree works in my favor at these moments. When Jonathan arrived at the beach he mentioned to me that he doesn’t like going in the sea and doesn’t like swimming. That wasn’t going to stop me from getting the shots that I had imagine before the shoot. 

The location:

If you have not been to Plage Mala in Cap d’Ail outside of Monaco, you simply MUST go. This spot represents the best of the French Riviera. There are two private beaches and public beach as well. I love the restaurant Reserve de la Mala because it has amazing pizza. You have to try it. I have never been to Eden Plage (the second private beach) but everyone says the service and food are good. One of my favorite things about Mala beach is the small foot path that runs along the rocks next to the sea. It’s an amazing place to run or take a casual hike. Everything about this place is incredibly photogenic, so when you ad a model into the mix, how can you go wrong? 

Monaco Photography French Riviera

I love this shot of Jonathan at Mala Plage on the French Riviera outside of Monaco

French Riviera Model Jonathan at Mala Beach. It was really nice to work with Jonathan

For this shoot with Jonathan I wanted to push my boudries and take some darker shots in different lighting conditions than I am normally accustomed to. Considering that many of these shots were experimental, I am really happy.

Monaco Photographer James Pouliot at Mala Beach with model Jonathan.

This shot really makes me feel like summer lasts forever.

This shot is my favorite from the series.

Thanks to Jonathan for being a good sport!

Turning up the heat in Monaco

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