My Montmartre - Paris Photographer

Thank you to my friend Krystal Kenny for the photo

Salut ! So about 8 months ago I moved from the left bank to the right bank. The right bank is everything north of the Seine, the left bank is everything South. The right bank holds most of the major attractions of Paris including the Louvre, Champs Elysée. The left bank holds claim to the Eiffel Tower but is much more residential and quaint. In Parisian terms moving from one to another is like saying you got a sex change operation. LOL. Seriously the two banks are VERY different and people act as if their neighborhood is attached to their identity. I really loved living in St. Germain des Pres, it definitely fit my personality and mood. HOWEVER, I have been really pleasantly surprised with my sex cha… I mean neighborhood change.  

I currently live in the 9th in a neighborhood called St. George. However, it’s a bit complicated because I live on the edge of St. George and Pigalle. Pigalle is not really a formal neighborhood but an informal way of addressing the “red light” district of Paris around Place Pigalle and Moulin Rouge. Sounds spicy but it’s really more of a tourist trap than anything. 

My neighborhood is at the base of Montmartre, another one of my favorite places in Paris. Montmartre is a little bit like St. Germain des Pres because it has a long history with artists living and working in the area. Once upon a time these neighborhoods were considered affordable for artists to live and work (seems like a fairy tale now, lol). 

Whenever I walk through Montmartre in the morning or late evening I try to remember my camera so that I can capture the light sneaking down the cute cobble stone streets. On the odd day where I am up very early (around 7am) it’s amazing to walk around and have the whole neighborhood to yourself. 

Enjoy these photos of Montmatre, and keep scrolling down for a couple quick restaurant recommendations. =)

The panel reads “to love, to eat, to drink and to sing!” In other words, to get drunk, lol.

Obviously the Sacre Coeur dominates the Montmatre neighborhood

I love the typography that you find in Montmatre

The French Deli Grenouilles in Montmatre features a kick as “vin chaud” or hot wine, perfect for those cold Parisian days when you have to do photoshoots early in the morning.

I’m telling you, it’s a really good baguette!

Grenouilles, French Deli, 55 rue du Chevalier de la Barre

I have a couple recommendations for good eating in the neighborhood. The cafe, Hardware Société, is a must do. It’s an Australian/French hybrid cafe restaurant. They have an extremely photogenic “French Toast” and out of this world eggs Benedict (rare to find in Paris)

My second recommendation is the French Deli called ”Grenouilles” (aka “frogs” in English). They have the best baguette sandwich in Paris. Trust me, I am really picky when it comes to baguette. The majority of French bakeries you go to serve a very average soggy baguette. I do not accept this kind of mediocracy in my life. The baguette sandwich at Grenouilles is crunchy and crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside (like God intended). They even have homemade mustard. It’s the kind of attention to detail that you rarely see on the tourist path. 

La Maison Rose. I don’t know how I managed to photograph this building without a crowd of instagram girls in front of it.

This bike has been here forever, it never fails to put a smile on my face. I guess I’m easily entertained.

One of the most photogenic cafes in all of Paris is “Vrai Paris”  on rue des Abesses.

“Jamais en vacances” or “Never on vacation” Somehow, I have a hard time believing this. lol.

Light in the morning pouring down a street in Montmatre.

Cafe chairs that seem to be extremely patriotic.

Red has to be one of the most Parisian colors on Earth. Also happens to be my favorite color.

I love these old buildings with their side panels advertising their offerings.

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