New Year more kicking ass

Hello hello helloooooooo (echo echo echo) anybody listening? Haha! So this is part 2 of 2 of my New Year blog post. If you didn’t read yesterdsay’s post about accepting no more bullshit in my life than you can find it HERE

So this is the professional continuation of that post, where I kind of review both last year and tell you about my plan for this upcoming year. First of all, last year I didn’t really have a professional New Years’ resolution. Which pretty much says a lot about how the year went. It was a really “meh” year for me professionally. I mean, who says that on their professional blog? But I’m going to throw it all out there. What’s the point of writing this if I’m going to give some candy coated version. 

Now, I had some major highlights this last year. I was featured in Vogue Arabia and Grazia Arabia. The year started on a high note in Milan and New York for both fashion weeks. Let me let you in on a little secret about the fashion world however: it’s flipping overrated. Clients treat you like dirt and don’t expect to pay you because they are wannabe famous. I’m just speaking my truth I’m not trying to throw shade. It’s not all bad, I have a small little group of friends that work in fashion and you can still find incredibly talented people that are focused on their craft and their talent, not just on being famous for the sake of being famous. However, all in all, I am not willing to accept things like not being paid or being paid for the minimum with clients demanding the maximum amount of effort. That’s just not my vibe. I know instagram makes everything look so shiny and perfect, but I’m giving you the real real now. 

The second thing that was really “meh” about 2018 was just a mundane repetition of things that I have done a million times. I can’t tell you how many photoshoots I did in front of the Eiffel Tower. There was such a “shoot and go” mentality to this last year that it’s kind of depressing to think about. Yes, this is a business and I take work sometimes that is less than inspiring, but honestly if I wanted mote repetition I would have become a banker and I would actually be paid well for it. Sorry not sorry.

So is it all so depressing?! NO!! The good part is coming. 

I am really opening up. WIIIIIIDDDDEEE up to accepting different types of creative endeavors in this new year and when you do that. When you say “fuck it all” and throw your shit across the room and cry in your pillow and then wake up and go out with a friend and drink to much vodka and wake up in the morning hung over then you start to get to the good stuff! Hahaha… so dramatic but what can I say I have Italian blood. 

So this year I am opening the 19 Rivoli Creative Lab. What is that? Well, I’m focusing more and more with working with businesses to create content and manage their social media. I am also working more in creative direction and creative coaching. What is creative direction? Basically working with a company on any project that involves taking a vision and making it a reality. The work is still freelance based, so I’m juggling multiple projects at the same time. So far, I have started with men’s jewelry line Hënko and a cosmetics line called I am thrilled to be working with them because I really love and believe in their brands and I know I have something to offer that will be of value. I am also really looking forward to working with clients on a long term basis. The majority of my freelance work up to this point has all been short term. I have filtered through so many clients that I often don’t feel like I make anything more than a very shallow connection with people. This will give me the chance to work on long term goals with people. 

So see, it’s not all so “meh” it’s actually really exciting as well. I’m also working on some other projects that are less developed so I will keep them to myself for the moment. Basically I am getting to the point where my work is varied enough in variety that I will be able to say no to things that I don’t want to do and focus my energy on projects that I love and excite me. 

Anyways, how does this tie into my new years resolution for this year? Well, to be honest I am really much more focused on my work coming into 2019. One of my new years resolutions is definitely “make more money and work more” but that is so large and ambiguous it would never work as a goal. Instead I have some really concrete goals in areas that I am weak in. My number 1 goal for 2019 is to wake up before 7 am on most days. I know that seems kind of strange in terms of work, but I am way more productive when I go to bed earlier and I wake up earlier. I have been testing the resolution for the past month and I can say that it’s looking promising so far. The second resolution is to keep a daily journal and list for the day’s assignments. Even to write them down after they are done. 

I hope your new year is starting off on a strong foot! I am not always the most reactive on my own social media page, but I love hearing from everyone. Happy and healthy new year everyone! =)

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