Nice France Anniversary Photoshoot with 19 Rivoli Photography

Those lucky few couples that make it to double digit years are always awe inspiring people to me. You can imagine my shock when this couple responded that they have made it over THREE DECADES together. I mean, THREE DECADES, that’s INCREDIBLE. A commitment like that certainly needs to be celebrated. What better way to celebrate than with a trip to Nice France on the French Riviera. A photoshoot to immortalize the moment is a perfect way to explore the Flower Market in Nice France.

I want all millennials to take note: you are not the only ones who love being in front of the camera. To gift a photoshoot for your parents is an amazing idea. Often times, people think that photoshoots are only for people in their 20s! That’s so not true!! This couple, for example, told me that they regularly do photoshoots and that they have a projector in their living room that rotates their vacation photos. At the end of a long working day, they come home to sweet memories. We are often caught up in the grind of the working day, so it’s so important to celebrate the experiences that give our lives color and joy. 

Because I’m so often shooting people on vacation, I meet a lot of people that prioritize travel in their lives. My clients are often experience oriented people. Preferring to make memories rather than collect objects. In this way I really relate and connect with my clients. I have always been the type of person to want to get in on the action. If you saw my apartment, you would be amazed by how LITTLE I own. I’m not really into owning things and I’m not that attached to objects. Maybe that would surprise a few people, because they have the impression that I live a “good life” in France and a “good life” implies lots of fancy things. It’s true that I have had nice things in the past, but I think that my inner nomadic self never really latches onto things. I am the first person to declutter. I’m not crazy organized and I’m not a clean freak, I just don’t like having a million things. Especially in my closet. If I don’t wear it, it goes out! For me, money well spent means a good dinner with friends or a weekend trip. 

What about you? Are you more of an experience oriented person or do you prefer your collection of rare beanie babies? Feel free to leave a comment below. 

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A tender moment with the Baie des Anges in Nice France in the backgroud.

Overlooking the Flower Market of Nice, also known as the Cours Saleya

Love these beautiful colors in the Port of Nice France, they make for an amazing backdrop on a photoshoot.

Love the colors of the Flower Market.

The building in the background is a very famous building in Nice France where Matisse lived and painted.

Taking a relaxing moment seaside.

The Promenade des Anglais in Nice France is the perfect place to do absolutely nothing all day. To stare out at the blue horizon and just breath, reminding yourself that life is so much more than long working days.

Let’s go!

My photoshoots in the flower market typically start in front of this beautiful building, the Opera Garnier of Nice. Yes, that’s the same Garnier who designed the famous Opera Garnier de Paris.

Wandering through the flower market in Nice France is a sensory experience that I love, colors and light surrounds you everywhere you go. The flowers burst with life and you can’t help but feel happy here.

Just 10 minutes from the Cours Saleya in the Nice old town is the Port of Nice, which definitely merits a stroll around. It’s incredibly picturesque with it’s terra cotta toned buildings, its central church and the mountains in the background.

Many thanks to these special clients, and to many more years of happiness!

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