Nice France Photographer: A morning in the Flower Market

If you follow the blog and know my photography, you will know that I am no stranger to the Flower Market in Nice France, also known as the Cours Saleya. This is the main market place in Nice and probably the largest tourist attraction in the Old Town. I love spending a morning in the Flower market walking amongst the stalls of fruits, vegetables and flowers.  The market is bustling with life in the morning. Local vendors are either crankily yelling at each other or trying to seduce tourist into buying their produce. Local artists are painting and kids are running between their parents legs trying to steal pieces of Socca from each other. Socca, by the way, is a pancake like treat made from chickpeas (it’s served salty and it’s delicious)

Spring has sprung in a big way both in Paris and on the French Riviera and I couldn’t be happier. A photographer needs light and color in their life to breath. Springtime is a time of renewal and a time to look at things through fresh eyes. Even if I have photographed a million times in the Flower Market in Nice I always manage to look at things a bit different. It’s that challenge to find a new angle that is always fun. Photography changes the way you look at the world. When I walk down the street I’m always thinking of different compositions and always taking note on the lighting and time of day. It’s a constant study of the world and how light plays on everything. I think that’s why people call this a passion, because you never really turn yourself off, you never really “check out” at the end of the day. 

Enjoy the images from my morning in the flower market. 

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Oh hey, guess who? Dorking it out in the Flower Market of Nice, thank you Rosa of Les Petits Farcis for the photos.

A burst of color! Who could ever be mellow with this much yellow!! ( I know, so original)

Light and shadow play with these baby olive trees in the Flower Market in Nice France.

Even though the market is commonly referred to as “The Flower Market” it actually carries more produce than flowers.

I couldn’t resist this architectural detail playing in the sunshine in the Nice Flower Market.

One of my favorite facades in the old town of Nice is this beautiful wine shop.

Flowers bursting in the Cours Seleya or “Flower Market” in Nice France

These colors in the sunshine are all I need to put a smile on my face.

In love with these colored facades in Nice France.

If you didn’t have an appetite before you visit the flower market, you will after.

Love the texture and the beautiful detail in this church door in Nice France

The perfect spot for a coffee. This cafe in the old town of nice cleverly using these blue chairs, which are the well known “chaise bleue” that line the Promenade des Anglais in Nice.

A walk through the old town and the Flower Market in Nice France is a sensory experience. Smell the aroma of spices and take in the colors.

This way folks.

Because who doesn’t love a palm trees.

Flower Market, Nice France

Flower Market, Nice France

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