NICE FRANCE PHOTOGRAPHER - A photo shoot with Lea in Nice

Hello Friends! 

It’s been a long time! In the rush of the summer season I had absolutely no time to blog. Now as the season is calming down I am reviewing all my photos from this past summer. It’s a great time to look over my work and reflect. For some reason, the time distance makes it easier to look at everything more objectively. I can see now what I like in my work, what I don’t like and make changes accordingly. Critique aside, it’s simply fun to think about old photo shoots! This photoshoot that I did with Lea in Nice is especially fun to look at. Lea and I grew up in the same small part of the US: The Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Never heard of it? Well, you’re not alone! It’s such a small region of the States that sometimes we get left off the map (literally). In any case, Lea and I both studied psychology at the same university: Michigan Tech University. Funnily enough, we both became photographers after graduating! Who would have thought as we were sitting crunching those statistics that we would end up going down this crazy fun journey into photography! Kind of makes me wish I had never wasted that time crunching all those numbers!! You have to check out Lea’s work. It’s incredible and can be found here!  Lea is really good at developing her own unique sense of style, not just copy and pasting another photographer’s look. That’s what I love about her in general and love about her photography. I think when people seek out to blaze their own path, their auras shine with a light of authenticity that naturally attracts people. I had a great time with Lea when she came to visit: we talked about everything from food to fashion and of course photography. Come back Lea!! 

Doing a photo shoot with Lea was especially fun because she understands a photographer’s need to explore and experiment. One difficulty that I have when I am on a photo shoot is that I feel awkward asking the clients/couples to experiment with different light, poses etc. Normally, my clients are paying for my time and I know that I have to respect that time and give them what they pay for. Typically, I get the “traditional” shots at the beginning of the shoot and spend the last 15/20 minutes doing something outside of my comfort zone. This is the best way to stumble into happy surprises. However, it’s a luxury when you are photographing someone that is open to trying different things. Also, it was great to spend some time in Lea’s eyes. Seeing the “shots” that she was excited for. There was more than once during the photo shoot where she jumped on a composition that I would have never seen myself. Cool! That’s why I love creative people, we have so much to learn from each other. 

Ok, once I get started I can ramble on forever. I will let you look at the photos! 

Love the way the door frames in this photo!

I love this restaurant!

Cafe de la Place! One of my favorite places ever!!

When the world was blooming. No edit on this cold blue toned photo!

We loves an Ivy wall!

The framing of this door with the flowers falling down is just too perfect to pass up.

Love a good jumping shot!

Window love!

We had just gone on a shopping trip and Lea found this amazing cardigan that looks perfect in the stone village!

Sorry, obsessed with floor pattern!

This was one of the compositions I would have never have thought of without Lea!

The blue of this door makes Lea’s eyes pop!

The most perfect door ever!

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