Hello Friends! 

I am going to share today my very first photo shoot that I ever shot with Flytographer!  Flytographer is an amazing company that hooks up travelers with a photographer in so many cities around the world. Going to Rome, Florence, Bali, Hawaii? They have photographers in all those locations. The Flytographer team is one of the best things that I have been able to be a part of
You have to check them out here because they are pretty amazing. HERE

This was my first ever photo shoot with Flytographer and what a great couple for a first shoot. They were so fun and comfortable, it totally shows on all the photos and made my job 10x’s easier. I can remember now how nervous I was at the time. I wanted everything to be perfect. It’s a extra bit of pressure knowing that you are working under an umbrella company and that the clients are going to go bad and give you a review, but honestly, that’s a good kind of push.

When I look at these photos, it reminds me to stop and remember to enjoy life. I am the type that starts taking things too seriously. Even when it is about taking beautiful photos, I let my mind get in the way and I start to analyze everything. I think it’s a pretty common affliction. 

When people come to the French Riviera they have several options for photo shoots. They can focus on the beach (which I don’t recommend in Nice). They can focus on the architecture or on the glamour. As far as photoshoots in Nice go, I really love the flower market with a trip of Castle Hill to get the view of Nice from above. Especially, like in these photos, at sunset when the world looks like a watercolor painting. I love the South of France for that! 

Are you thinking of traveling to Nice France soon? Don’t forget to immortalize your trip with a fun photo shoot! 

Some tips and tricks to photographing in the old town

1. Try early morning and late evening for softer light. Taking photos at noon creates “raccoon eyes” and harsh shadows with a lot of contrast. You want to glow in your photos, not to look old! 

2. I like photographing people in the flower market just as they are starting to take things down and the crowds have disappeared a bit. This is how I get shots of the flower stands without huge crowds around them. 

3. Avoid streets that are too narrow and have no light. 

4. Be patient. Many people don’t realize that a sunset can be at its color peek 20 minutes after sunset! Take photos as it’s going down and create fun silhouette effects, but don’t run away immediately after the sun dips down. Every sunset is different, but you can often get some great shots after. I especially love the time when the lights come on and the daylight lingers. 

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