This was a really fun photo shoot!

A group of over 20 girls celebrating a hen (bachelorette) party in Nice France. Sounds like exactly the type of photo shoot challenge that I want! Just the size of the group poses a unique challenge to any photographer, how to organize, plan, sort, move, and finally… photograph that many people at once? To be honest, I loved it and it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. The girls were super sweet and very attentive. I couldn’t help feeling that they were a little mild because they had spent the night before dancing in Monaco. Maybe the fun night out had tired them a bit? 

Not only did I do the photo shoot, I also helped the girls organize their party weekend a bit. The maid of honor contacted me before the shoot for some tips. I thought I would share them on here in case any more brides to be stumble upon this blog post. First of all, Nice is a great city that offers a lot of great things: restaurants, shops, nature, etc. One thing that Nice really does not have however is good club life. I mean, for a city of half a million you would expect one nice nightclub? No. I told the girls that they were much better off going to Monaco to party. I recommended starting at the Buddah Bar and then heading over to Rascasse in Port Hercule. I love Buddah Bar because it is so beautiful. It has this great mix of French Belle Epoque architecture with an asian flair. Personally, I am not a big fan of the music, it’s very lounge-ish and a little to soft for my taste, but it’s still good to START the night. To be honest, I have never personally been to Rascasse, however I know the age and nationalities that go there often so I thought it would be perfect for this group of young ladies. The ladies took my advice and seemed to have a great evening. The one thing that is probably important to note. If you are going to go out in Monaco with a group of people and you are staying in Nice, you have to organize some sort of transportation. This is one of the negatives about the Nice/Monaco relationship. Transportation stinks between the two after the last train runs. 

Enjoy the photos and don’t hesitate to ask if you are planning a hen party in Nice France and would like some photos, or just some advice. 

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