Sizzle Sizzle, A steamy photoshoot in Cannes France - Cannes France Photographer

Today’s shoot is a steamy one. As much as I love shooting couples, family, and solo travellers, it’s also great to step out of the box every now and then to shoot something a bit different. So of course I jumped on the opportunity to work with Sergei, a real pro model who has worked tirelessly on his physique. Obviously this is a completely different thing that what I am used to and as a photographer you have to approach your shoot from an entirely different angle. One thing that doesn’t change however is the importance of lighting. No matter what you are shooting, you give the top priority to lighting. I even did a whole blog post about lighting. You can find that blog post here

The concept of this shoot was a lazy sunday morning in Cannes. Waking up and slowly getting ready for the day. The light was suppose to mimic those first beautiful rays of sunshine that hit your face when you wake up from the sleep of a lifetime (oh, I love those moments). For this shoot I had to be really aware of what I was doing and the boundaries that I wanted to create. I researched a lot of body shoots before hand and it was really important to me that the shots looked natural and not to staged. Obviously I wanted the nudity to be tasteful and artistic and not tacky and vulgar. But who draws those lines? In the end you have to use your discretion and walk the line. 

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Cannes Photographer James Pouliot of 19 Rivoli Photography shoots a professional model in Cannes France

Lazy Sunday morning. The idea of the shoot was to capture the model in natural poses that didn’t look staged. Photo by Cannes Photographer James Pouliot of 19 Rivoli Photography

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