Surprise Proposal Eze France - French Riviera Surprise Proposal

It’s surprise proposal season here on the French Riviera and everyone (especially me) has butterflies in their stomach! 

I’m back in one of my favorite spots, the Jardin Exotique in Eze, France! This is the perfect spot to propose because it offers an amazing vista of the French Riviera. In the distance you can see St. Jean Cap Ferrat and beyond to Nice and Cannes. If you follow my work you have definitely seen me shoot here before. This time we really got lucky with the weather. Personally, I don’t mind having light clouds that give the photoshoot romantic soft hues, but on this day we got really bright blue sky with very little humidity on the water, a rarity in summer months. The color worked perfect with Bianca’s gorgeous yellow summer floral dress and Chris’s red floral print shirt. The colors were bold and bright and scream summer love. I learn something from every single photoshoot I do. This time, I realized that Saturday wasn’t the best day to shoot a surprise proposal as this spot was a little crowded with tourists. Although you wouldn’t guess by the photos. Tourist are just one more factor that I have to take into consideration while shooting. Along with the light and the couple, I have to change my angles to cut people out. Normally this can be avoided by shooting early in the morning, but in the case of a surprise proposal it wasn’t really an option. For surprise proposals on the French Riviera, I always shoot around 6pm. This is the best time because normally the couple goes straight from the shoot to the champagne (stomach growls). 6pm also gives good light but also enough time so that if something goes off schedule we can still find a solution before the sun sets.  

When I first started shooting surprise proposals a couple years ago they made me crazy nervous. I was so worried about something going wrong and I played disaster scenarios in my head until I was basically sick to my stomach. Of course, surprise proposals are still more stress than a normal shoot, but now I have gotten to the point where I have shot enough of them to realize that everything always works out for the best. 

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She said yes! Another successful surprise proposal on the French Riviera.

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