My recent trip to the French Riviera and a surprise proposal outside of Monaco.

If you follow me on instagram you realize that I just spent an amazing 10 days on the French Riviera. I had originally booked shoots on two consecutive weekends and looking out at my rainy terrace in Paris I thought- okay maybe this is the time to take a mini vacation and take advantage of the days in between my shoots to soak up some sunshine. 

That’s kind of what happened. I booked everything but once I announced on instagram that I was going to Nice, my phone started to ring and the messages on insta started to roll in. Before you know it, I was booked up for those 10 days with shoots. I couldn’t have been happier, because I love my job and it makes me happy to work. 

So what was suppose to be a mini vacation turned into photoshoots in Monaco, St Jean Cap Ferrat, Eze, Nice and Cannes. Not bad, I think I made a pretty good tour of the coast. Of course, I managed to catch up with some friends and I got to do one of my favorite things: run and workout next to the sea! =) 

After a long cold winter in Paris with plenty of grey, you can imagine I was literally on a high as I was running along the sea at the Cap de Nice. This is a very special part of Nice that is a little bit off the beaten tourist path. Instead of beach, people are jumping off rocky cliffs. I took a lot of photos here and I’m going to share them in another blog post I think. I managed to get this moody selfie next to the sea to show off a bit! Hey, I’m proud of the fact that I’m in shape and I wont listen to anyone tell me I shouldn’t be! 

I also want to do a whole blog post about my fitness obsession, I will get to that too! So much to blog about but unfortunately only so many hours in the day! =) 

Running on the Cap de Nice, I’m obsessed with these runs and I was really happy, despite the blue steel look on my face. lol

One of my favorite photoshoots when I was in the south was this amazing surprise proposal outside of Monaco. If you have been reading my blog you have definitely seen this spot before, it’s in Eze which is only a 15 minute drive from Monte Carlo. 

This amazing moment was a real nail biter because we were planning on doing the surprise proposal the day before, but do to the weather it was smarter to postpone one day to capture this amazing view. Surprise proposals can be beautiful in the rain, and in fact I just shot a beautiful surprise proposal in the rain at St. Jean Cap Ferrat however this client really wanted that amazing view of the French Riviera from the top of world. Who can blame him, it’s so beautiful. This was an amazing surprise proposal because she was really really surprised! I’m so happy for this beautiful couple and wish them an amazing wedding and an incredible life together. Enjoy the photos! 

I’m looking forward to my next trip to the French Riviera which will be next week already the 18 - 21st as I’m planning on shooting a BIG vip event with some BIG names in Cannes for the Cannes Lions festival. Stay tuned for that and all my adventures. Also, check out my new video blog on my you tube channel, I’m going to be updating that shortly! I’m living a lot of great adventures at the moment and I would love for you all to keep up with them. 

Although it’s stressful to make last minute changes to a surprise proposal, we managed to move the date back one day in order to have these amazing views.

Did you know? In order to make sure she is dressed her best for the photoshoot I have my grooms tell their girlfriends that they are going to a fancy dinner. Because it’s France and people generally dress up more when they are here, girlfriends are typically happy to oblige and love to dress up. I’m in love with the way this beautiful red patterned dress stands out.

She said yes, of course!!!

The future looks pretty beautiful!

A real moment in paradise. Welcome to the French Riviera

This amazing view is only 15 minutes outside of Monaco and is an amazing place for a photoshoot.

You would be glowing to if your prince charming had just proposed to you.

Every corner in this small village outside Monaco is simply magical.

I love capturing these magical pockets of light that stream down the narrow cobbled stoned streets of the French Riviera

The famous “Golden Goat” of the Chevre D’or on the French Riviera.

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