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  1. A romantic photoshoot in St. Tropez -St. Tropez Photographer

    St. Tropez Photographer There are few places in the world that rival the beauty and the reputation of St. Tropez. Before WWII this town was just a sleepy fisherman’s village. A combination of the French New Wave in Cinema (and its gorgeously savage beauty starlette Bridgette Bardot), and the Yé-Yé…

  2. St. Tropez Photographer. My tips and tricks in St. Tropez with some beautiful photos as well!

    Hello all! It’s snowing in Paris at the moment and that got me thinking about the summer. Then I remembered this sun drenched photoshoot that I did in St. Tropez last summer and I knew that I had to post the photos. I am desperate for a little UV love…

  3. French Riviera Photographer - Life’s a Beach!

    Hey Everyone - Ok, today I am going to do something a little different than my normal post. I was inspired by a photo shoot I did of this fun loving couple on the beach. I love to do beach photo shoots but I realize that people don’t really know…

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