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  1. June/July update from the French Riviera

    haha, hello there from the French Riviera! This summer season has gotten off to such a good start, I have been loving my shoots so far. The energy is through the roof and I want to thank all the amazing clients that have been trusting me to capture their trips…

  2. A romantic photoshoot in St. Tropez -St. Tropez Photographer

    St. Tropez Photographer There are few places in the world that rival the beauty and the reputation of St. Tropez. Before WWII this town was just a sleepy fisherman’s village. A combination of the French New Wave in Cinema (and its gorgeously savage beauty starlette Bridgette Bardot), and the Yé-Yé…

  3. The MOST IMPORTANT thing about your photo shoot.

    When I take photos, I prefer to photograph in the early  morning or in the late evening. This is especially important on the French Riviera, where there is normally abundant light.  Scheduling the NUMBER ONE MOST IMPORTANT THING in the results of your photo shoot and often something that clients…

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