Video Blog #2: Photographing an intimate VIP dinner in Cannes

My second addition to the video blog is getting seriously fancy in Cannes, France at the iconic Carlton Hotel on the world famous Croisette overlooking the Bay of Cannes. The setting was something out of a James Bond film, or rather a Grace Kelly movie. I had the chance of going into the Grace Kelly Suite at the Carlton. This is one of the most exclusive suites in Cannes and has been frequented by many big Hollywood names, most notably: well obviously Grace Kelly! The room is an homage to the famed American actress turned royalty. Tastefully decorated, the room features many pictures and sculptures dedicated to princesses’ life in Hollywood and Monaco. Fitting when you consider it was in Cannes (for the famed film festival) that Kelly meet Prince Ranier, who she would later marry. 

Take an exclusive look at one of the most famed hotel suites in Cannes…

An amazing boquet of roses in the Princess Grace Suite in the Carlton in Cannes

Loved the shape of this window and that dock is where they would have dinner later in the evening.

Photographs of a very glamorous princess in the Princess Grace Suite in the Carlton in Cannes

Lovely luxury details in the Princess Grace Suite in Cannes

The event was intimate and lovely and although the guest list was very VIP and I’m unfortunately not allowed to share too much, I did managed to capture some ambiance shots of the venue to give you an idea about how the other half live! 

A soft sunset in Cannes France

What an incredible location for an intimate dinner

The Carlton in Cannes is no stranger to VIP clients

One of the most beautiful features of this event? The sound of the waves softly hitting the shore

The Cannes Carlton is an icon, it was a pleasure to photograph there.

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Plus, keep a look out on the blog for a few more upcoming posts about Cannes as I have been shooting in Cannes a lot lately and can’t wait to share all the fun with you. 

On to my second installment of the video blog! Today on the video blog I’m talking about my tips to working with VIP clients. It’s an unusual world we live in and my job puts me in contact with people from many different walks of life and from all four corner of the planet. That’s definitely one of my favorite things about being a photographer on the French Riviera, you never know who you are going to meet. I don’t want to give anything away though, you have to check out the video blog to hear what I have to say about working with VIPs

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