Frequently asked questions





Does the price include printed photos? 

All of the pricing at 19 Rivoli Photography is for digital images with print release. If you are interested in having us print your photos, please ask and we would be happy to print your photos. You may also choose to print your photos yourself if you have the time. This is fine as well, and we are happy to answer any questions the printer may have and provide specific specs. We recommend working with reputable printers. Please don't look for the cheapest online printer and expect quality results. We can also give you pricing for wedding albums. 



Can I do a portrait session in my wedding dress while on vacation in the South of France or Paris?

Of course, but this would fall under the "elopement" category of pricing. If you have any specific questions or want a custom made package, simply ask. 



Can I shoot in multiple locations and with multiple changes of clothes?

Yes, although this time is considered part of your package so use it wisely. Don't spend too much time changing clothes and jumping from locations.  





Can I get RAW or unedited photos? 

No, we do not provide RAW or unedited photos. 



Can I get ALL the photos you take of me (us)? 

We choose the very best photos from your session and then take time to make sure those best photos are edited to perfection. We do not provide you with photos with your eyes closed or any other unflattering snaps that naturally occur during a session. If there are ten quickly photographed images of you kissing your partner (just an example) we chose the 1 of those 10 images we think are the best and focus on editing and delivering that 1 photo. 



What is included in an edit? 

A normal edit that is included in all our packages includes exposure corrections, highlight and shadow correction, clarity, saturation, warmth, and cropping when necessary. We can also zap away a pimple or two. More demanding edits such as body morphing, slimming, background removals, arm slimming, and other such edits are available on a per photo basis and are priced based off the complexity of the edit. 





What time do you normally take photos?

In general I prefer to take photos in the early morning or late evening when the sunlight is coming from either the East or the West at an angle. I almost always try to avoid taking photos between the hours of noon and 2pm to avoid raccoon eyes and high contrast. It's simply my preference and gives my photos the consistency and style you see on the website.  Insisting on taking the photos at a different time is possible, but the results wont look like the majority of photos you see on the site. 



Do you style the shoot for baby sessions? 

In general, I do baby sessions in nurseries and living rooms based on the lighting available. I don't bring props so I highly recommend before the shoot that you decide what you want to achieve with your shoot. If you saw (and loved) a shot on Pinterest of a baby wrapped in a blanket sitting on a fur rug, then I suggest you buy a blanked and a fur rug. Styling is very important in the success of a shoot, and because I often cannot control what you have in your house, I suggest thinking about it before hand. I am happy to give suggestions and ideas and point you in the right direction. 



I want to propose to my girlfriend, do you do surprise proposals and how does it work? 

Yes, I love surprise proposals and I am happy to collaborate with you in all the organisation. I provide photos of location and set-up, a time table and a map so that everything goes smoothly for you. I like to think that I remove some of the stress for this big moment. Just send an email to get the ball rolling.



I am looking at the weather and it looks bad, can I reschedule? 

First, the weather forecast on the French Riviera is often wrong and storm clouds forecasted on the weather are often stopped at the mountains . I'm flexible and understand you want beautiful images so I can typically reschedule for rainy weather on the coast. In Paris, I don't reschedule for rain. Rain is part of the beauty of Paris and unless it's a crazy storm, the shoot goes on with cute umbrellas and under beautiful arcades, arches, bridges and gazebos. 





How are the photos delivered? 

Photos are delivered through an online gallery where you can favorite, download the images, and share with friends and family. All images are HD quality. 



How long does it take to receive my photos?

It depends on the amount of work that I currently have, the extent of editing that you want, and the size of the package that you have ordered. Normally I can give an accurate estimation at the time of the shoot. For an average portrait session it's normally between 48 hours to a week. For a wedding it can be much longer. 



Can I get a discount? 

No. I understand that in various cultures it is considered normal to bargain pricing. However, I have priced myself competitively taking into consideration my experience, talent, equipment, cost of living, etc. 

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